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MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Data Recovery

November 12, 2021 / Updated by Kenny to MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Data Recovery

System Integrity Protection prevents Shining Mac Data Recovery software scanning system drive in Mac OS 10.13 (APFS file system). In this case, the software cannot recover lost data from the Mac OS 10.13 system drive.

To disable System Integrity Protection, you must boot to Recovery OS and run the csrutil command from the Terminal.

1. Boot to Recovery OS by restarting your machine and holding down the Command and R keys at startup.

2. Launch Terminal from the Utilities menu.

3. Enter the following command: csrutil disable.

After enabling or disabling System Integrity Protection on a machine, a reboot is required. Once you finished the data recovery from the system drive, please enter Recovery OS again and use "csrutil enable" to enable the System Integrity Protection.